Giant Robot 'Let's Eat' Art Show  |  By Danny P Tran  |  August 25, 2019

LET’S EAT! A food themed art show at the Giant Robot Store in Los Angeles. Hosted by Giant Robot, Luke Chueh, & Sarah Jo Marks/DKE Toys. Featuring tons of artists, and a few that are featured in this video: Katsuya TeradaJim Mckenzie, Colin Christian Woes Martin, Luke Chueh. I shot this video on Sunday before the 'IT Art Exhibit' over at Gallery 1988  on Melrose. It was the 2nd day of the show, unfortunately I wasn't able to make it out to opening night. Most of the artists were there on the first day and there were crowds out the door. And they had free food on the table (a must for a food inspired event). The show will go on from now till September 11.

Video by Danny  /  Photos by Antony




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