FAMILYSTYLE  |  By Danny P Tran  | September 17th, 2019


This past weekend we went to Bobby Hundred's 'Family Style Food Festival' event at Los Angeles Fairfax District. Check out the video below for a quick recap of the event.

Bobby Hundreds is the founder of 'The Hundreds', a Los Angeles-based company that focuses on street subculture "people over product". The brand narrative is told through collaborations with partners like Disney, Adidas, and Garfield.

Bobby released his first book earlier this year, 'This Is Not A T-Shirt' which focuses on the story of The Hundreds..."A Brand, a Culture, a Community--a Life In Streetwear". I finished the book recently and had to go support and check out the event. Although there was a long hour wait to get in, I enjoyed most of my time there once I got in. There was a good selection of food to choose from, live music, and a bar. Looking forward to another event like this next year if he plans on doing it again.

For more info on The Hundreds, click the link

Video by Danny / Photos by Antony.

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