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A Dance With Shadows (Ink-Wash)


New 1:8 Scale Collection


W 5.5 x H12 x D 5.5 (Weight: 2LB)

Material: Resin

Edition Size: 20

Each piece comes with a limited edition art print by Japanese artist, YUE

(Art print size: W 9 x H 13 in)

Every single piece is painted by the sculptor, Danny. The entire collection is created by a single artist, making each piece extremely unique. Using both airbrushing and hand-painting techniques, he captures textures, and color gradients by using washing/layering technique.

Check out the artist Instagram profile here.

ETA Ship Date: 2-4 Weeks


A Dance with Shadows

As twilight draped the forest in shadows,

a weary traveler sought refuge from the looming darkness.

With each step, the trees seemed to whisper secrets of ancient mysteries.

Desperation drove him deeper into the labyrinth of branches

until he stumbled upon a foreboding cave.

Entering, relief washed over him momentarily until the earth trembled violently,

sealing his fate within. Time became an elusive concept

as days blurred into nights, months into years.

Amidst the suffocating silence, he discovered an artifact—a Gourd,

its surface etched with tales of forgotten souls. Thirsty and desperate,

he drank from it, unaware of the horrors it held.

Each sip plunged him into a harrowing descent of hallucinations and nightmares,

a relentless cycle of torment. The gourd, a vessel for trapped souls,

forced him to confront their final moments, their shattered dreams echoing in his mind.

Trapped within the cave's cursed embrace, he struggled to survive,

haunted by the ghosts of the past and the cruel twists of fate

that bound them together in an endless dance of despair.

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